i hate when i’m too comfortable around someone because then my brain thinks its ok to act weird but even then i end up being too weird


I really wanna fuck in a pool. Like the possibilities are endless. My god. But it’s like. Our pool. In our backyard you feel me. Boy. Bet I be eating pussy under water. That’s some wavy next level shit. Put on my goggles. And i’m gone. That’d be some shit if i’m eating her and she’s so into it and she feels me stop and is like ” baby ? ” and i’m on the other side of the pool floating dead. I forgot I needed air. Ain’t even come up smh

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the walking dead meme: one friendship [1/1

↳ Carl and Michonne 

 ”I was gone for a long time. But then Andrea brought me back. Your dad brought me back. You did. “

Kyle MacLachlan awkwardly waving on set

"Last year, I definitely felt like there was a really special connection between Daryl and Beth that happened. My take on it was that there was a very deep growing connection that could become something more romantic or could become just … you know that was my personal understanding of it. I do feel like Beth has opened up to Daryl in a way that she hasn’t with other people and I do feel like Beth has never been really in love even though you’ve seen her with the two different boyfriends. I don’t think she’s ever been like, ‘grownup in love’ in the way that you feel like someone actually understands you and in sort of that special intimate way. And I do feel like she’s been closer to that with Daryl than with anyone else.”  

~ Emily Kinney [x]

"Audrey’s absence touches me in ways I did not predict. I find myself thinking not of clues or evidence, but of the content of her smile. The way it gives the lie to her delinquent posing, the hardened exterior which I suspect is more a matter of self-preservation than a heart that is cold. Audrey’s heart is warm”.